A “Mafia-driven” conspiracy??

October 24, 2013

Author and Kennedy assassination researcher Larry Hancock has written on his blog that the new edition of my book Not in Your Lifetime gives him the impression that I “put the reader towards a Mafia-driven conspiracy”. I think Larry, who kindly says he admires my work – I admire his too – has perhaps misread the book.

In re-writing Not in Your Lifetime – and I have rewritten it with much new information – I have not intended to lead the reader to think that the assassination was necessarily Mafia driven. Indeed, I have not in the end expressed any certainty that there was a conspiracy, although I think that entirely possible.

I have attempted to present all I can of what I think is the pertinent, reliable information as I know it. And that, to the extent it leads anywhere, would point to a conspiracy involving both anti-Castro and Mafia elements.

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  1. Sorry I got the wrong impression, it was largely based on the book’s closing with the chapter which largely dealt with Trafficante, Giancana, their associates and new information abut Diaz Garcia, which seemed focus on connections between Diaz Garcia and Trafficante. My thought was that closing with that particular set of information would quite possible leave a new reader with the “mob impression”. Certainly the book does present leads pointing towards CIA figures as well, in earlier chapters. Obviously my own take, as presented in NEXUS, is that both anti-Castro and Mafia assets were involved – but that the initiative and direction came from CIA officers. On the surface that might seem a fine distinction but I think its an important one, just as the Castro assassination plots used some of the same crime network assets but were initiated by CIA officers, they were not Mafia conspiracies per se.

    For the record I certainly do admire Tony’s work and have used much of his research, particularly his studies of David Phillips – among other topis.

    I should note that I feel the book’s new information about Diaz Garcia is especially important and deserves considerable attention, my apologies to Tony for any misunderstanding of his views but this 50th Anniversary year there are a great number of books and media specials focusing attention on the Mafia being solely behind the assassination of JFK and I felt compelled to offer some counterpoint. Larry

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