On When to Stop Asking Questions….?

In an article in the Los Angeles Times this week, former Warren Commission staffer Richard Mosk expresses the hope that, on this 50th anniversary of John Kennedy’s assassination, the public will be skeptical of criticism of the official finding that Oswald alone shot at the President. He thinks “most Americans have come to accept the conclusions of the Warren Commission.” Not so.

Respectable polls this year indicate that more than 70% of Americans believe that there was a conspiracy, an official cover-up and that the full truth will never be known. The public has reason to think this.

The second official investigation, the House Assassinations Committee, found that there had “probably” been a conspiracy. The Committee’s then Chief Counsel, Robert Blakey, professor emeritus of law at Notre Dame until very recently, now says he feels even more firmly that there was a conspiracy.

In my book, Not in Your Lifetime, out now, I point to the interview Blakey and I conducted in 2007 that resulted in the first plausible identification of an anti-Castro Cuban exile who may have participated in the assassination.

Mr. Mosk refers to the reports and documentation of the Commission, as if to indicate that all assassination related documents are in the public domain. In fact, many thousands of documents, from various agencies, are still withheld. Why?


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3 responses to “On When to Stop Asking Questions….?

  1. Re: Mr. Mosk’s comment, that “most Americans have come to accept the conclusions of the Warren Commission.” Perhaps those words reflect a hope on the part of Mr. Mosk that Americans have, indeed, been worn down by half a century of official evasion re: 11/22. As the post indicates, polls show that Americans are by no means convinced by the official “Oswald did it alone theory” propounded by the Warren Commission. Speaking for myself, I claim no special knowledge or expertise re: the events of 11/22. I simply believe that there has never been a proper investigation of the crime and that, therefore, it is premature for the government or any other entity or individual to put forward conclusive claims about who actually shot the president.

  2. Stephen Stewart

    Mr Summers,

    I have just discovered your book(s) on the JFK assassination and am unsure about which edition to purchase. I have heard from some sources that subsequent editions to your original 1980 ‘Conspiracy’ first edition have been substantially rewritten – some have used the term “castrated” – and I am unsure which edition is the most accurate, most up-to-date, and most reflective of what we know about the case as it stands today on the fiftieth anniversary of that terrible morning in 1963.

    Also, is your book ‘The Kennedy Conspiracy?’ an updated edition of ‘Conspiracy’ or a separate work entirely? Your advice and guidance would be most helpful and deeply appreciated in this matter.

    Warmest and most sincerest regards,


    • Dear Mr. Stewart,
      Thank you for your letter.
      The edition of “Not in Your Lifetime” to buy (if you are in the U.S.A.) is the October 2013 edition from Open Road Media.
      Should you be in the UK area (as I think you may be), then the edition to buy is the 2013 edition from Headline, an imprint of Hachette.
      In this new edition, I have added fresh information, some of which – regarding possible identification of a previously unknown shooter – seems to me interesting and possibly significant.
      I have indeed pointed out that some points that appeared in previous editions have been dropped or relegated to the Notes section. This may not mean that I believe them to be entirely redundant – simply that they do not, in 2013, seem to me now fully to earn their place in the main text.
      I am glad to let you know that there’s been no “castration” around these here parts.
      The new edition of my book is indeed structurally based on my original book “Conspiracy” – a title that I always disliked but that my then publisher took from the House Assassinations Committee’s “probable conspiracy” finding.
      I have, however, extensively rewritten and reworked it with the goal of updating the book at a significant time in history.
      And, as I said, adding new information.

      Anthony Summers

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