More on a putative Warren Commission meeting with Fidel Castro

By Anthony Summers

Of note today is what CBS has now posted on its website about the alleged meeting between Warren Commission counsel William Coleman and Fidel Castro. There’s a nod to the fact that Coleman first made his claim about having met Castro long since, to me – not only, as he has recently said, to author Philip Shenon.

What’s glaring by omission, however, is that – in a letter, which I shared with CBS and on this blog – Coleman formally retracted what he’d initially told me, denying that he had ever met with Castro.

Making the Castro meeting claim twice (to me), then retracting it, then making it anew (to Shenon) makes Coleman a less than reliable witness on an historically significant matter.

So does the fact that Coleman told me Castro gave him documents to take back to Washington, and that he assumed the record of that to be in the National Archives. Whereas he seems to have told Philip Shenon that there was no documentation.

In a world of proper reporting, this should receive coverage.

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One response to “More on a putative Warren Commission meeting with Fidel Castro

  1. Roy Tranter

    Why should your conspiracy theory be any more believable than the rest?
    I doubt you have more information than the rest of us and so it comes back to your personal political persuasion. Do you trust the government to tell you the truth? Do you expect damning evidence not to be destroyed by now? What was the motive for the assassination of JFK?
    You need to see this in a much wider context which involves the murder of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy as well as the strange events surrounding Edward Kennedy. Oh! and don’t forget Watergate.

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