September 11 Inquiry: The Redacted 28 Pages….

The report of the congressional joint inquiry on the September 11 attacks was released in 2003. At page 396 of the report, a yawning gap appears. All 28 pages of part four of the report, a section entitled “Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain Sensitive National Security Matters,” had been redacted in their entirety.

Inquiries established that, while withholdings were technically the responsibility of the CIA, the Agency would not have obstructed release of most of the twenty-eight pages. The order that they must remain secret had come from President Bush himself.

The Democratic and Republican chairmen of the Joint Committee, Senator Graham and Senator Richard Shelby, felt strongly that the bulk of the withheld material could and should have been made public. “I went back and read every one of those pages thoroughly,” Shelby said. “My judgment is that 95% of that information could be declassified, become uncensored, so the American people would know.”

Know what? “I can’t tell you what’s in those pages,” the Joint Committee’s staff director Eleanor Hill was to say. “I can tell you that the chapter deals with information that our Committee found in the CIA and FBI files that was very disturbing. It had to do with sources of foreign support for the hijackers.” The focus of the material, leaks to the press soon established, had been Saudi Arabia.

Within weeks of his inauguration in 2009, Bush’s successor Barack Obama made a point of receiving relatives of those bereaved on 9/11. The widow of one of those who died at the World Trade Center, Karen Breitweiser, has said that she brought the new President’s attention to the infamous censored section of the Joint Committee Report. Obama told her, she said afterwards, that he was willing to get the suppressed material released. Five years later, the victims families are still waiting.

Senator Graham has fought tirelessly for the release of those 28 pages since the report’s original publication. We, too, along with our colleague Dan Christensen of the Broward Bulldog have pushed for their release, along with other material that might shed light on the Saudi role. We are glad to see that there is now – thanks to pressure by the survivors group “9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism” – fresh political will to make the release a reality.


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2 responses to “September 11 Inquiry: The Redacted 28 Pages….

  1. Pat

    I’m going to ask the obvious question – and maybe you have or can find out the answer. With all the fuss about Wikileaks and the Snowden leaks and such, why haven’t those guys leaked the 28 pages?

  2. Hello Anthony I live in San Diego County i told the truth in August and September of 2001. I’m 100% positive our government cannot say the same thing . I made a lot of mistakes in 2001 the biggest one is wishing to remain anonymous. I was only I thinking of the safety of my children at the time. And That was very self-centered of me . I didn’t think about the victims families of 9/11 . The government told me they would crucify me in 2001. If I ever decided to go public with story . Well they can break out the wooden and their nails ! I shared the story with a acquaintance he’s a high-ranking FBI agent in the San Diego region . He told the story to his boss who’s the Western regional director of the FBI . He came back and told me his boss said if I want to put this bullshit down on paper to come down to San Diego branch of the FBI . I told him on my youngest daughter turned 18 I just might do that . That was on January 2, 2016 well I’ve been trying to get story out ever since . Actually started talking to attorneys in November 2015 with classical public . Here’s the kicker I’m right in the middle of a divorce and bankruptcy . So I have any extra funds to hire an attorney . But if someone can get somebody in the media to ask a simple question where do we go to put this down on paper ? So this time your American public knows the truth . Not the distorted truth of what the CIA and establishment politicians want us to believe in protecting the Saudi’s at all cost . I have your smoking gun you guys just need to ask who what why and where ? Sincerely Robert Franklin Alexander

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