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A “Mafia-driven” conspiracy??

October 24, 2013

Author and Kennedy assassination researcher Larry Hancock has written on his blog that the new edition of my book Not in Your Lifetime gives him the impression that I “put the reader towards a Mafia-driven conspiracy”. I think Larry, who kindly says he admires my work – I admire his too – has perhaps misread the book.

In re-writing Not in Your Lifetime – and I have rewritten it with much new information – I have not intended to lead the reader to think that the assassination was necessarily Mafia driven. Indeed, I have not in the end expressed any certainty that there was a conspiracy, although I think that entirely possible.

I have attempted to present all I can of what I think is the pertinent, reliable information as I know it. And that, to the extent it leads anywhere, would point to a conspiracy involving both anti-Castro and Mafia elements.

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Kicking and screaming!

That’s how Anthony, anyway, will be coming to this blog.

With more than 70 years of reporting and writing experience between us (eight books and more documentaries and articles than we can count), however, we think we have lots still to say. And this is going to be the place we say it.

We’ll be digging into our archives to share stories we’ve written nowhere else, fleshing out and elaborating on the revelations in our latest book, The Eleventh Day. We’ll also be commenting on stories and events that grab our attention – particularly from the worlds of politics, intelligence, and organized crime. Bear with us as we get the bugs out (that was not a jibe, Mr. Murdoch). We hope eventually to be worth the wait.

 Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan

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